Fire Element Now Hurts Enemies:
Water Physics Done:

Part of the Lower Forest:

Part of the Underground:


Map Update:
Alpha Ghostship Tileset test:
Lightning Element Test:
[u][b]To do List:[/b][/u] [u]Enemies:[/u] Mouse: Purple, Gold. Bat: Blue, Purple, Gold. Elemental Ghosts: Fire, Water, Ice, Earth. Grabber Ghost: All 4 colors. Elemental Sub-Species: Temper Terror, Flash, Blue Blaze, etc... Scythe Guy: Both Colors. Ghost Knight: Green, White. Basic ShyGuy Ghost: All 4 colors. Grass Hand: Not sure what varieties. Venus Spectral Plant: Green, Red. Berserker Ghost: Red Ceiling Surprise: Normal and Purple Bomber. Flying Fish: Purple, Pink, and Green. Bowling Ghost: Yellow. Garbage Can Ghost: Green. Portrait Ghosts & Bosses. Crow.(The basic Living enemy in outside areas, like baconies and woods.) [u]Areas:[/u] Area 1 Half 2 (First Mansion) Area 2 (Woods) Area 3 (Underground) Area 4 (Ancient Temple) Areas 5+ (Undecided Yet.) Final Area(Secret for now.) [u]System:[/u] Add the Info System(Similar to Logbook from Metroid games.) Add the Inventory System(Similar to LoZ Inventory system.) Add the saving/loading system(Metroid Style.) [u]Music:[/u] Boss Theme. Underground Ambience. Ancient Temple Theme. Menu Theme(MarioSonicCouncil is working on this.) [i][u]Also I need to remake My banner soon.[/u][/i] [u][b]Done List[/b][/u]: [u]Enemies:[/u] Mouse: Blue Spark. Gold Ghost. Purple Puncher. Blue Twirler. Boo: About 4 different faces. Gulper Unagi: Black. [u]Areas:[/u] Area 1 Half 1(First Mansion). [u]Music:[/u] Basic Outdoors Theme. Graveyard Theme. Bowser Theme. Underground Boss Theme. Final Boss Theme. Second Mansion Theme. [u]System:[/u] Map System. Elemental Powers Mostly Done. Physics & Water. Vaccuming & Flashlight System. Health System. Treasure System.


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