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Project LM2D

What is Project LM2D?

Project LM2D is a fangame project that's been in the works since Late November of 2011. It's goal is to be a fangame of the at the time, semi-ignored Luigi's Mansion. The Game is a similar to Metroid in regaurds to the map system and there being objects and items to find through out the explorable world, with htat it's also similar to the later Castlevania games. The game itself still has staples of the original LM, with Ghost Wrestling, Lots of treasure to find. It also has staples to the mushroom kingdom that you must explore, which are a dcent amount of the natural creatures that roam the mushroom kingdom, like Goombas, Koopas, Shyguys, Bloopers, CheepCheeps, etc.